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Das Unternehmen wurde 2013 gegründet.      Schwerpunktmäßig waren wir im Bereich  _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Agriculture active. Our hobby, then like  today, was always equestrian sports. 

We also had to do one or two things on the carriage from time to time. Maintenance and service is not only necessary for cars, trucks or agricultural machinery, but also for carriages. Above all, we find it particularly important that the carriage is in perfect technical condition, since we work together with   flight animals. A  technical defect can have serious consequences for both the driver and the horse. The material damage  can usually be repaired quickly,  but not the resulting physical and psychological damage. 

There are workshops in our area, but almost exclusively for cars and trucks and not for carriages. Therefore, there is often a lack of experience and training in this special matter, or often the time or desire to deal with it more intensively. It is a considerable effort to bring the carriages to a  workshop, plus the time it takes to repair the carriage and the often extremely high costs. It was not uncommon for the repairs not to be 100% correct because the staff only repaired cars and no carriages. Therefore, there is simply a lack of experience in this area, where accuracy plays a very important role. Since 2019  we have been dealing intensively with this topic and have been able to help many drivers since then. Our mobile workshop vehicle is not only equipped with tools specifically required for carriages, but also has more than 100 different spare parts for all common carriages from well-known and smaller carriage manufacturers. 

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